“Cut the Rope: Experiments” from ZeptoLab Releases New Aquatic Adventure

Today ZeptoLab released Bath Time, a new level pack for its popular game, Cut the Rope: Experiments, on the iOS platform. With 25 new levels and a bathtub environment, Bath Time introduces players to the challenges of collecting all three stars while navigating candy into Om Nom’s mouth, submerged underwater.

Bath Time is the second update for Cut the Rope: Experiments, and features water-based physics and a brand new character, Sleepy Snail, who’s there to help players satisfy Om Nom’s craving for candy. The update also includes a new photo of Om Nom in the Professor’s Album, as well as new achievements and a new leaderboard. Bath Time also features the same exciting gameplay from the Rocket Science level pack – including rope guns, suction cups, and rockets.

Along with the Bath Time level pack, ZeptoLab is also releasing a lite version of Cut the Rope: Experiments for free on iOS devices.

New Additions

  • 25 new levels
  • Underwater bathtub environment
  • New character: Sleepy Snail
  • New photo of Om Nom in the Professor’s Album
  • New achievements and a new leaderboard

Pricing & Availability

Cut the Rope: Experiments is available for iOS devices, including iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. The Bath Time update is free to users who already own Cut the Rope: Experiments and $0.99 ($1.99 for iPad) for new users.

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Cut the Rope: Experiments features the familiar and lovable little monster Om Nom who is discovered by a mad (but not bad) scientist determined to study his candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments. Cut the Rope: Experiments now has five level packs in colorful new settings and 125 levels in total. While the premise of this game is similar to the original Cut the Rope, and continues to follow the laws of physics as players swipe ropes, collect stars, and deposit candy into Om Nom’s mouth, Cut the Rope: Experiments requires a different kind of strategy as players navigate around rope guns, suction cups, and rockets, and now through water!


ZeptoLab™ is a global gaming and entertainment company dedicated to the science of fun. Through the worldwide phenomenon of Cut the Rope and its lovable baby monster named Om Nom, the company has redefined gaming with unique, physics-based gameplay that capitalizes on touch technology. Cut the Rope has been an instant success since its debut in 2010, remains a top app on multiple platforms, and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. With partners such as Hasbro, Jakks Pacific and Mattel, Zeptolab has extended the Cut the Rope franchise with new toys, games and merchandise. For the latest news about Cut the Rope and Om Nom, follow us at facebook.com/cuttherope or @Cut_the_Rope on Twitter or visit www.zeptolab.com.