Om Nom Travels Back in Time in Newest Game from ZeptoLab

From ZeptoLab®, the hit-making team that brought you Cut the Rope®, comes the highly anticipated new release Cut the Rope: Time Travel™. Ever wondered whether Om Nom® is the only monster in his family with a sweet tooth? Well, Om Nom is curious, too! He’s stumbled upon a time travel machine and is using it to go back in time and discover his roots, teaming up with his candy-chomping kin along the way. Cut the Rope: Time Travel™ will also feature a new season of the award-winning “Om Nom Stories” animated series, so fans can go on the adventure with Om Nom as he travels back in time and across the globe to meet his ancestors throughout the ages and do what they do best: eat candy!


In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, players will encounter new gameplay mechanics and explore a brand new theme as they jump back in time with Om Nom and face all of the ropes and challenges they love from the original Cut the Rope…and more! They’ll have to be sure to save some candy -- Om Nom is bringing his relatives along for the adventure, and they’re just as hungry! As players cut the ropes and collect stars, they’ll unlock levels with challenging new gameplay elements, feeding not one, but two hungry green monsters. First they’ll travel through the Middle Ages, then into the Renaissance -- beware of the spikes! -- then onto a pirate ship where they’ll face floating mines and bouncing platforms. Players will then venture to Ancient Egypt and see candy fly through the air, visit Ancient Greece to find Om Nom on a stone platform, and finally travel to the Stone Age to visit Om Nom’s dino ancestors.


ZeptoLab will expand Om Nom’s travels through time with ten new episodes of the “Om Nom Stories” animated series, integrated into the game and directly linked to the theme of Cut the Rope: Time Travel. “Om Nom Stories” was launched last fall and was awarded Best Web App/Series by iKids. In the second season, each episode will bring the story of Om Nom’s time travels to life, enriching fans’ experience of the game and sharing more of Om Nom’s lovable quirks and playful attributes. Stay tuned for more details at and get ready for a third season, which will debut later next year, packed with even more Om Nom adventures.


Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a highly anticipated new game based on the award-winning hit Cut the Rope, which was first launched in October 2010 and has become an international phenomenon. A sequel, Cut the Rope: Experiments™, was released in August 2011 to great fanfare and acclaim. The games have reached the top of the charts in virtually every mobile app store and have been downloaded more than 300 million times by fans around the world. ZeptoLab also released Pudding Monsters™, its first entirely new IP since Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments in December 2012.


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ZeptoLab UK Limited is a global gaming and entertainment company best known for developing the hit game Cut the Rope, which has been downloaded more than 300 million times by users around the world since its debut in October 2010. The company has released award-winning games Parachute Ninja™, Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments™. These games can be enjoyed on major mobile platforms including Android and iOS, Mac, PC and the web. Pudding Monsters, the latest title from ZeptoLab released in December 2012, can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms. For more information please visit