Cut the Rope 3

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Cut the Rope 3

Accept the challenge to explore uncharted lands with Om Nom and cute little Nibble Nom!

This exciting adventure starts with an old map and a promise of great discoveries — and takes all three of you through amazing locations full of challenging puzzles!

Solve them all to find new species of Nommies and become the Ultimate Explorer.

Key features:

  • FOR THE LOVERS OF PHYSICS-BASED FUN: Packed with all your favorite signature Cut the Rope mechanics, along with a bunch of new ones that'll have you hooked!
  • FOR THE LOVERS OF ADVENTURES: Explore the breathtaking locations and unique levels that'll put your brain to the test as you try to snag as many stars as possible!
  • FOR THE LOVERS OF CUTE MONSTERS: The world's cutest monster Om Nom, a close contestant for that title Nibble Nom, and lots of lovable Nommies for you to collect!