Overcrowded: Tycoon

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Overcrowded: Tycoon

Build the best theme park ever and become a roller coaster tycoon! Manage your visitors' emotions by constructing the most thrilling rides, tasty restaurants, and hiring the funniest mascots. But watch out: your guests are very picky about their experience, so plan your strategy carefully!

Design the most awesome theme park in the world! Your imagination is the limit!

Key features:

  • BUILD ATTRACTIONS: From bumper cars to the craziest coasters!
  • MANAGE EMOTIONS: Visitors can get sick (and puke), get hungry, angry, fall in love, and more!
  • PROVIDE SERVICES: Where you place food stands, rest areas, and WCs all matters.
  • HIRE MASCOTS: Hire mascots to cheer up the angry or tired visitors.
  • EXPAND YOUR PARK: Go bigger and wilder!
  • SPECIAL EVENT PARKS: Manage time-limited special parks with a unique theme and fresh gameplay, and unlock exclusive attractions for your main park!